International Jazz Day

International Jazz Day

Cristian Mihai

pg99_jazzToday is International Jazz Day, which I just found out about, actually. But I thought I should share with you one of my favorite scenes from my debut novel, which is incidentally called Jazz. It’s a scene close to the end, and I remember having so much fun writing it. I was dancing to this really cool jazz tune, and I was really, really enjoying myself. It’s strange, isn’t it, that something so simple as writing some words on a piece of paper can bring us so much joy?

When it doesn’t matter, and we simply don’t care about whether or not people will enjoy it, when we don’t have to worry about marketing, about target audiences, about reviews, pricing, and whether or not the cover will suit the story.

So, yeah, here’s one of my favorite scenes from something I wrote a while back.

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